Holocube Virtual Reality - One Player

The future has arrived, and escaping reality has never been easier with the all new Holocube virtual reality experience at The Summit.

Step into the Holocube and plunge into virtual worlds where anything is possible. You can try your hand as a gun-toting space pirate, fending off hordes of hostile drones as they try to blast you into oblivion.

Or take a turn as a katana-wielding fruit ninja, bringing all your skill to bear against flying fruit, random bombs, and a merciless clock.

Keep your head down as you pick off enemy robots from your sniper’s nest with tactical precision and a real VR-15 rifle peripheral in your hands.

Then you can stand your ground against an army of alien robots bent on taking over your ship while you use grenades and a machine gun to ensure they don’t succeed.

Once inside the Holocube you’ll experience all this and more. Even if you’re not into video games, you’re going to love virtual reality. And once you get a taste, you’ll discover that the world has truly changed forever.

Step into the Holocube. Step into the game. Because with Holocube, everyone’s a gamer.


Windsor and Interquest

Holocube VR Rates

The Holocube VR is now available at The Summit in Windsor and Colorado Springs (Interquest)!

Mon-Fri before 5pm $3.99/game
Sun-Thurs, 5pm to close $4.99/game
Fri 5pm to Sun 5pm (plus holidays) $6.99/game
Holocube Virtual Reality - Players in Action