Bowling leagues and clubs at Main Event not only provide a great way for friends to get together regularly over a friendly game of bowling, they also offer great rewards for achievement and for thanks for being a regular Main Event bowler.

To qualify for these rewards, bowlers must be in good standing in their league, have their contact information on record with Main Event (name, address, email, phone number, and birthday), and have a Memorandum of Understanding signed by the officers of the league they belong to on file at Main Event.

Rewards – Thanks for being a regular Main Event Bowler!

  • 20% off all food and beverage purchases for the league bowler (name listed on the membership card). Valid during any league or casual visit. Discount is off regular menu prices; not valid for Happy Hour, on discounted items, or during special events or other functions.
  • 25% off all open play bowling prices (not valid Friday or Saturday after 6pm)
  • Discounts off group events booked through the Main Event sales department
    • 10% off group events (alcoholic beverages not included)
    • 10% off children’s birthday parties (for member’s children or grandchildren)

Achievement Awards – Fun ways to recognize GREAT SCORES!

Seven High Score Awards – Earn all seven for each league, each season

  • Game Awards: 200, 225, 250
  • Series Awards: 500, 600, 700
  • Over Average: 100 pins (over average for a three-game series)

Award for Each: Your Choice! Three complimentary games of bowling, two complimentary games of laser tag, or one $15 Fun Card for arcade game play.

Two Honor Score Awards – Earn one for each bowler per season

  • Game Award: 300
  • Series Award: 800

Award: Embroidered jacket showing the 300 Game achievement

League Awards

Main Event will provide a First Place award to each member of the winning team for all leagues that have 30 weeks or more in their regular season. Each player of the winning team will receive a $100 Fun Card.

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